пʼятниця, 4 червня 2010 р.

[just a note]

just a note, since i use this account for some of the commenting...

this is not my normal blog that i update all the time.

my real blog is located HERE


понеділок, 30 березня 2009 р.

[curry chicken]

wayell, it's been a while, i confess. and so here i am once again to share one of my all-time favorite recipe of curry chicken. what i like about this recipe is that it's really easy to do and it's fairly quick - probably 25 minutes start to finish. i usually serve it with rice or pasta, with veggies on side (if you want to get creative).

i usually cook for me and one more person (most often me mum), so i buy about 3 chicken filet breasts. try making it once and then you'll easily will figure out how much of stuff you need for more (or less) people.

you'll also need a packet of sour cream (i buy 20% fat or 15% at least - otherwise the sause will be like drinking kind of yogurt - no fun) - that is about 2 cups; curry seasoning, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and whatever else your heart desires (i love to experiment with spices - and my dishes rarely turn out bad - when i do cook, that is). you'll need some butter - not much, probably about 1/8 of a cup.

wash (yes, i wash the meat before cooking it) and cut the meat into little pieces, 1 inch by 1 inch. the pot should be already on the stove heating with the butter melting in it. put the cut-up chicken in the pot and let it turn white. mix it, so all sides of the chicken pieces get their share of frying.

once the chicken is sort of all white, add salt, spices, and all sour cream. mix well, so that the spices are dispensed equally in the sour cream and on chicken.

once it starts to boil, turn the heat on low, and let it stew (so the chicken gets thoroughly done).

while it's being cooked, you have time to prepare rice or macaroni, or have a cup of joe while waiting.

when the tantalizing smell spreads all around the kitchen, that's the hint that the chicken is done and you're about to taste something very good.

in case you try this, please let me know how you liked this recipe and if you have any comments / compliments / questions / whatever :-)

пʼятниця, 9 січня 2009 р.

[baked potatoes]

so... you've got little time, lots of potatoes on your hands (or in your fridge, wherever you keep the potatoes), and your stomach is about to talk human and say "wayell, Master, are you gonna feed me or what?"

the good thing about this dish is you can easily decide how much stuff you need whether you're cooking a lonely dinner or entertaining a bunch of friends who suddenly came over. and it's quick and easy too.

sooooooo... wash the potatoes well (unless your organism needs the minerals from the dirt - that happens too), but don't peel 'em. i usually get 3 or 4 potatoes of middle size for myself.

get a nice clean knife out and cut all the potatoes into 4 pieces (not round ones). leave 'em be.

now... the messy part that i like. well, the prelude to the messy part.

get a bowl big enough for you to put all the potatoes AND your hands in.

in this bowl mix some vegetable oil (or maybe some prefer olive? up to you) with red pepper, black pepper, salt, garlic powder, and whatever else your creativity would tell you to add to that. when the oil is ready, put your potatoes in there and mix 'em real well, so that every piece is covered with oil and spices.

the oven should be hot by now (dunno how many degrees - not the hottest, but somewhere in the middle, closer to the hot mark). take a baking tray, put some wax paper on it (or just spray some non-stick thingie), and get the potatoes evenly spread out on it.

bake till you think they are ready (usually takes about 20 - 25 minutes - all depends on the size of the potatoes)

enjoy! it goes really well with BBQ sause or ketchup or horseradish or once again, whatever your stomach will tell you to get.


четвер, 20 вересня 2007 р.

[my first entry]

well, what's to say? i decided to play around with google's product for a bit. i don't think i'll move over here completely and leave xanga, but still... you know, there's never too many blogs. or can one have too many?

oh well... we will see what's going on. who knows, maybe i'll like this more?